The windows completely changed the look and feel of the cabin

May 5, 2015Testimonials

I installed three windows in my cabin well over a year ago. I’m a moderately capable handyman with basic tools and I had no problem installing these windows myself. Not being a professional it took me longer than suggested in the instructions, but it usually does.

Because my cabin has cedar plank siding as opposed to metal siding I had to use some foam weather stripping between the inside and outside molding to get a good seal between the two. Other than that they fit perfectly. The instructions were clear, the product is well made and probably the only thing you may need to complete the job is some caulking.

The windows completely changed the look and feel of the cabin; they really “opened it up” making it brighter and added a nice view. I live in AR and we get four seasons here so the windows have been exposed to sun/heat, snow/freezes and wind/rain. They haven’t cracked, leaked, changed color or fogged between the panes.

I have nothing but good things to say about the product and the customer service. Lindsey was a great help when I made my purchase.