Dealer Display
Assembly Instructions


Store Display Assembly Instructions

  1. Lay frame flat on the floor and determine which end is the top. The top has a groove on the outside of the frame running the width of the display. (There is no front or back to the display, but the side facing up will become the “outside” of the windows)
  2. Place the top cards into the display (refer to the picture of the completed display to determine which cards are top or bottom). Flexing the cards slightly will allow them to fit into the slots that run along the inside of the studs the length of the display. Push the top cards all the way to the top of the display.
  3. Using the same technique as top cards, place the bottom cards into the display and push them all the way to the bottom of the display.
  4. The windows are installed following the same basic steps as actual window installation. Place windows into the openings created by the cards. Be sure the windows are centered in the stud cavities and secure with the mounting screws. The outside trim piece will need to be removed from the rectangle in order to attach to the display, and then re-attached once both window frames are installed.
  5. You will need assistance for the following step.
  6. Stand the display upright. While another person holds the display steady attach the support feet to the display using the included 3” deck screws. There is a small pencil mark on each foot showing the center point, use this mark to center each foot on the display “stud”.
  7. Locate the inside trim piece for the rectangle window. Determine which side of the window trim piece needs to be cut in order to “mull” next to the cathedral window. Cut as you would for actual installation and attach to the display. You may wish not to nail this to the display so that it may be removed for demonstrations to show telescoping capability, etc.
  8. Place the top “Geometrics Windows” card into the slot on the top of the display.
  9. Attach literature rack onto the stud on the cathedral window side of the display and fill with tri-fold brochures.

For assistance please call toll free at 855-809-7179